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MARSHALL ELECTRONICS: Designs and manufactures LCD monitors in Los Angeles for the broadcast, post and multi-media markets. Choice of screen sizes from 2.5” up to 37”. Video inputs run from HD-SDI, analog, SDI, VGA, DVI, HDMI and 3G-SDI. Our new line of camera top monitors come with a dozen battery options as well as an outdoor model that allows outdoor viewing without a hood. Marshall Electronics proudly presents the MD Series of rack mount monitors that offer a flexible modular solution to system integration. A variety of modules are available including 3G/HD/SDI with loop-through, Fiber-Optic input/output modules, and more. Our ORCHID Series monitor include real time waveform, vectorscope, histogram, Audio Level meters for 16 channels of embedded audio and one touch Color Calibration.

APANTAC LLC: is a leading Manufacturer of High Quality, Cost Effective Image Signal Processing Equipment. The Tahoma line of multiviewers features Autosensing BNC inputs, Screen Resolution of 2048x1080, and built in CATx Extenders, there is a multiviewer to fit every need. The Mt. Hood line of KVM, VGA, HDMI, DVI and Touch Screen Extenders and Switchers can extend 1080p signals up to 650 feet. Apantac also has a line of real-time video and graphics collaboration and streaming solutions.

eMAM is a powerful Web-Based Digital Asset Management System, designed to meet the demanding needs of the Media Industries. It offers feature-rich tool set for cataloging, controlling, searching, distributing and managing all digital content. Our approach to create a flexible, feature-rich, and modular digital asset management platform, allows for an easy integration to your existing workflow environment. 


MATRIX SWITCH CORPORATION's: emphasis is on small to medium size HD-SDI and wide-bandwidth DB15 VGA Switchers. Their line of Cost Effective HD-SDI routers are configurable from 4x4 to 72x72 with any combination in between 8x1, 12x1 and 16x1 preselect switches. Each is available with an optional local panel as well as optional AES 75 ohm S/DIF compatible digital audio in the same enclosure. Matrix Switch Corporation VGA switchers employ DB15 I/O connectors thus saving space and simplifying installation. Matrix Switch VGA switchers are available in 16x16, 32x8, 32x32, 16x64, 64x16, 32x48 and 48x32 configurations. Their wide line of Distribution amps provide up to 32 outputs. All Matrix Switch Corporation switchers include RS232, Ethernet and built in web page control. 

FutureVideo provides a paradigm-shifting range of Multi-track Project DVR systems—the V-Station ®HD range. V-Station HD includes systems for Field and for Studio applications. Never has multi-cam production been easier or the interval from acquisition to delivery been shorter—literally a matter of minutes! In the V-Station HD ecosystem, Field, Studio, and PCs running the Studio Companion Software can be networked together with ease. V-Station HD is ideal for a wide array of production and observation/analysis uses across multiple markets. FutureVideo also places control of your media at your fingertips with its Media Commander® range of affordable, programmable jog/shuttle controllers.

DNF Controls: A leading provider of hardware- and software-based control solutions for equipment used in the television broadcast, audio/video production, post-production and graphics markets. DNF provides superior control tools that are innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use, in addition to outstanding technical support and customer service.

Utah Scientific is the world's leading specialist in analog, digital, and HDTV routing switchers, master control switchers, and related control software. The UTAH-100/UDS combines the flexibility of a multi-rate digital routing switcher with the economy of a simple distribution amplifier. This modular system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, and interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports. A revolutionary approach to signal distribution ideal in all types of facilities

MAXTRON PRODUCTS: High-quality, innovative and ruggedized test signal generators, distribution amplifiers and converters. Our products and solutions are designed with high quality, flexibility, modularity, control and ease of use in mind. Applications are numerous and include broadcast multi-video & audio monitoring, master control rooms, outside broadcast (OB) trucks or mobile vehicles, mosaic & interactive channels, command & control, audiovisual presentations, security & surveillance, public information displays, and events and staging.

CENSUS DIGITAL Provides solutions for managing and processing AES/EBU digital audio and 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals. The Balun Series provides in line and high density AES/EBU impedance matching transformers in 1RU of space. The NanoLinx line offers miniature fiber optic modules for transmission of SDI singals over single mode fiber in a package that fits into the palm of your hand. We also havea line of solutions in the NanoQube and Qube products, these can be standalone or mixed in a convenient 1RU rack shelf. Census Digital is also an Open Gear Partner with an AES/EBU processing DA and a dual ADC and DAC for digital audio

MELD TECHNOLOGY Delivers Full HD Content to an unlimited number of TV's using ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T and Qam Modulation. Signals can be sent over the air to antennas or over Existing Coax cable. The MT300 Pico Broadcaster sends live Full HD content wirelessly to any DTV located in a 360 foot range. Works with any off the shelf HDTV without additional decoders.
Portalis LC brings order to your Control room with The Pro-XI. The Pro-XI gives users the ability to simutaneously monitor and control multiple, disparate computer systems from a single integrated workstation. Conquer Control Room Chaos by managing, in real time, all systems from one workstation, with one keyboard, and one mouse.

Total Channel Making Digital Signage easy. With an easy to use web based master control and flexible playout devices Total Channel gives you a complete system to fit your customer needs.

JMR's BlueStor family of server and storage solutions are available in configurations specifically optimized for a wide variety of digital A/V workflows. Whether you need Enterprise-class servers for color monitoring & DI applications; direct-attached RAID storage with JMR's patented high-performance PCIe technology for your NLE workstations; centralized storage for a larger multi-user collaborative A/V SAN; or just additional off-line storage for archival and disaster recovery protection - JMR's BlueStor products offer solid and reliable performance you can count on.
IP Tec Inc. offers high performance, low latency Video/Audio Codec. Broadcast quality video and audio processing with low latency options. The VNP-100 is a Video/Audio Codec with broadcast quality video/audio streaming over IP. With HD resolution up to 10-bit 4:2:2 and 8 channel audio support, Dolby codec support and user friendly interface, this unit is ideal for News Gathering, Live events and Backhaul

Cinnafilm Image Processing Solutions for Broadcast film & Multimedia Delivery. Tachyon Video Standard Transcoder: High Quality Conversions for Modern Transcoding Pipelines. Dark Energy Pro: Texture Management for High Volume, High Grade Restoration, Blu Ray Mastering and Digital Cinema. Dark Energy for After Effects: The power of Dark energy Texture management in the convenience of a 2K Plug in.


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